Code frame structure

1. Directory Introduction

Directory Subdirectory Subdirectory2 Subdirectory3 Brief
assets Resource like image
projects Project dir
tools tools
components component
└-boards code for board specific
└-drivers driver code
└-micropython Micropython related
└-core micropython source code
└-port maixpy port code
└-builtin_py maixpy defualt builtin script
└-include headers
└-src modules
└-spiffs SPIFFS
└-utils utils

2. Add code

The project is organized using CMake, and the project supports multiple configurable options (Kconfig)

  • If you do not add folders and configuration items, you can add files to the existing folder for compilation.
  • If you need to add modules, you can modify CMakeLists.txt to add content, you can refer to [c_cpp_project_framework] ( with less content
  • If you need to add configuration items, you can modify the Kconfig file to achieve the purpose. All configuration items will generate macro definitions and add them toglobal_config.h (generated file) at compile time, and in CmakeLists.txt This macro definition can be used in files.

    For example, config BOARD_M5STICK is defined in Kconfig, and CMakeLists.txt can determine whether to compile specific code by judging whether CONFIG_BOARD_M5STICK is true. When compiling, you can choose whether to check by python3 menuconfig

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