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MaixPy uses the Micropython syntax, and unlike other languages like C, it doesn't need to be compiled. In fact, you don't even need the IDE to use it, you can use the serial terminal.

Using the IDE will facilitate real-time editing of the script on the computer, as well as being able to view the camera images in real time, and save files to the development board.

Of course, using the IDE will take some resources from the board (for the transmission and debugging),

1. MaixPy firmware

To use the MaixPy IDE , the firmware must be at least v0.3.1, otherwise it won't connect. Check the firmware and IDE version before using it, to ensure normal operation.

2. Download the installation package

Check the latest version by reading the readme.txt file. Use CDN link if download too slowly.

3. Installation

For Windows run the installer directly by double-clicking the file. For Linux you will need to give the file permission and execute it using the command line:

chmod +x

Using a compressed package (7z)

Extract the file to a folder

If your system does not support 7z, you will need to download 7z and install it.

If on Linux, you can use the terminal to decompress the file:

sudo apt install p7zip-full
7z x maixpy-ide-linux-x86_64-0.2.2-installer-archive.7z -r -omaixpy-ide
# `-o` is immediately followed by the decompressed path, there is no space in between.
  • After decompression, execute:
    • On Windows: Double-click maixpyide to execute. You might want to right-click and pin it to the taskbar or start menu.
    • On Linux: Use the following commands:
      chmod +x

4. Test run

Open the IDE and select the model number of the development board in the upper toolbar.

Tool-> Select Board

Click on connect to make a connection with the MaixPy IDE


After the connection is successful, the button will turn from green to red.


Below the connection button is the Run button, which will execute the current py file opened in the editor.


Click the Run button again to stop the execution.

5. Uploading files

You will find ways to upload files in the Tool dropdown menu.

6. Note

Only open one serial port connection at a time, make sure to close the previous connection before opening a new one.

And try to upgrade firmware or IDE if connect fail.

7. Find the cause according to the error message

When the program runs error, a message box will prompt the error, but the error information may not be complete, please find more detailed error information in the terminal output

If necessary, disconnect the IDE and run the program using the serial terminal(maybe you need save as file then run this file) only to view the print for troubleshooting

If you submit an issue (bbs, group, github issue, etc.), in order to resolve the issue quickly, be sure to bring the complete information described above

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