Frequency module, support program to modify cpu and kpu frequency

1. Method

1.1. freq.set (cpu, pll1, kpu_div)

Set cpu or kpu frequency, it will restart automatically after setting

Please note that after the frequency setting is completed, some peripheral performance may be changed.

from Maix import freq
freq.set (cpu = 400, pll1=400, kpu_div=1) #kpu frequency is pll1/kpu_div

The configuration file will be saved in the /flash/freq.conf file of the file system. Do not modify this file. If the file does not exist, it will be automatically created


Parameters not set will retain their previous values

Note: If the cpu frequency setting is less than60MHz, the default REPL serial baud rate will be set to9600

  • cpu: The cpu frequency you want to set, the range is [26,600] (The chip has a maximum800 but has voltage requirements. The series supported by MaixPy do not support up to800, the default 400, different boards May behave differently, not recommended for stability

  • pll1: Frequency ofpll1 output, value range [26,1200] (chip maximum 1800, MaixPy limited to 1200), default 400

  • kpu_div:kpu clock frequency divider. The value range is [1,16]. kpu frequency =pll1 / kpu_div. For example, if you want to set thekpu frequency to 400, you only need to setpll1 to 400 andkpu_div to 1. Note the kpu frequency range: [26,600]

return value

If the frequency does not change, it returns null. If the frequency changes, the machine will restart automatically. Please confirm whether the current situation can restart before using this interface

1.2. freq.get ()

Get the currently set frequency parameters

return value

cpu frequency andkpu frequency, returned as a tuple, such as (400,400)

1.3. freq.get_cpu ()

Get the current cpu frequency

return value

cpu frequency

1.4. freq.get_kpu ()

Get the currently set kpu frequency

return value

Current kpu frequency

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