Built-in class

The library is a user-level interface that encapsulates the underlying classes of MaixPy, making it easy for users to use MaixPy, which includes the following:

需要注意的是, 这些类在开机启动的时候在 _boot.py 里面已经被导入了, 所以在串口终端可以直接使用, 但是, 如果是执行文件, 则需要手动写代码导入, 否则找不到类 Be attention, theses class imported at the start up by _boot.py, so we can directly use it in serial terminal without any import, but if we execute file, we need to import by ourselves~

from board import board_info
from fpioa_manager import fm


from fpioa_manager import fm, board_info
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