board_info: Mainly used for user-friendly development board pin configuration, built-in user-friendly naming and interface, which allows users to reduce the dependence on the electrical connection schematic.

board_info is a global variable defined with Board_Info class, written by MicroPython and integrated to firmware, source code see

1. Members

Board_info has many pin indexes and a list

1.1. pin_namelist

The list is mainly used internally by the class, and the user does not operate it.

1.2. Pin Index

The pin index is mainly to convert numbers into human-friendly strings, which is convenient for users to program.

Enter the following, please be careful not to ignore the . number, then press the tab key to complete, you can see the board-related pin functions.


For example, enter the following code, it will return the number 8, which represents the 8th pin of the development board, and its electrical connection is the enable pin of the wifi module.


2. method

2.1. Search method

When the user does not know the pin electrical connection, you can use this method to find



This method does not pass in parameters or pass in a parameter

  • pin_num: pin number, range [6,47]

Board-level electrical connection information for all pins will be printed when no parameters are passed in

When the parameters are passed in, only the board-level electrical connection information for the specified pin is printed.

return value

  • Parameter error returns False
  • Unknown error return False
  • Find successful return information

3. Routine

3.1. Routine 1

from board import board_info

Wifi_en_pin = board_info.WIFI_EN
Print(wifi_en_pin)# output is 8
Board_info.pin_map()# print all
Board_info.pin_map(8)# prints only pin 8 information
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