FPIOA Manager

fpioa_manager: referred to as fm, this module is used to register internal functions and pins of the chip, to help users manage internal functions and pins. If the functions and pins are already registered, the internal functions and pins will not be available.

Actually fm is global variable define with Fpioa_Manager class, written by Micropython and integrated to firmware, source code see board.py

1. method

1.1. Registration function

Register pins and functions



This method must pass in 2 parameters, otherwise it will return a null value.

  • pin: function mapping pin
  • function : chip function

return value

This method has 2 return values.

  • Parameter error returns None,None
  • Set the success to return pin, function
  • Setting fails to return reg_pin, reg_func, indicating the pins and functions that have been registered

1.2. Logout function

Logout pin and function



This method can pass 1 or 2 parameters. When passing in 1 parameter, you need to add a parameter keyword. If it is 1 parameter, its pins and functions will be logged out.

  • pin: function mapping pin
  • function : chip function

return value

  • Parameter error returns None,None
  • Set successfully returns pin, function, indicating the pin and function being logged out
  • Set failure to return 0,0

2. Routine

from fpioa_manager import fm, board_info

fm.register(board_info.WIFI_RX,fm.fpioa.UART2_TX)#Register again
fm.register(board_info.WIFI_RX,fm.fpioa.SPI0_SS0)#Register the same pin
fm.register(board_info.WIFI_RX,fm.fpioa.SPI0_SS0)#Register the same function
fm.unregister(board_info.WIFI_RX, fm.fpioa.UART2_TX)#Logout function and pin
fm.unregister(function = fm.fpioa.UART2_TX)#Logout function
fm.unregister(pin = board_info.WIFI_RX)#Logout pin

3. Appendix

The following pins have been registered when MaxiPy is powered on. Please pay attention to the user.

3.1. SD card

  • Function: SPI1_SCLK/SPI1_D0/SPI1_D1/GPIOHS7/SPI0_SS1
  • Pin: PIN25/PIN26/PIN27/PIN28/PIN29

3.2. LCD

  • Pin: PIN36/PIN37/PIN38/PIN39

3.3. sensor

  • Pin: PIN40/PIN41/PIN42/PIN43/PIN44/PIN45/PIN46/PIN47

3.4. REPL

  • Pin: PIN4/PIN5
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