Touchscreen related operation, like get click status or get click coordinate

the drivers supported currently:

  • ns2009 ( default )

To change driver, we need to rebuild the Maixpy firmware

1. Global Function

1.1. init(i2c=None, cal=None)

Initialize touchscreen

This API may be changed later, considering the different type of touchscreen


  • i2c: Currently just support I2C touchscreen, so should give I2C object, we may rename this paramter or remove it later
  • cal: Calibration data, a touple consist of 7 integer, get by touchscreen.calibrate() function

1.2. calibrate()

Calibrate touchscreen with LCD screen pixels


Return a tuple consist of 7 integer, you can save it to file system or flash, use it in init function, so we no need to calibrate every power on

1.3. read()

Read the click status of touchscreen, and return coordinate of click( press )


一个由 3 个整型值组成的元组 (status, x, y), 注意这个值会一直保持上一个状态 A touple consist of 3 integet (status, x, y), be attention, the value always keep the last value if status did'nt change

  • status: click status, values: touchscreen.STATUS_PRESStouchscreen.STATUS_MOVEtouchscreen.STATUS_RELEASE
  • xx coordinate
  • yy coordinate

2. Constant

2.1. touchscreen.STATUS_PRESS

The touchscreen is pressed, the firt value of tuple returned by read()

2.2. touchscreen.STATUS_MOVE

The touchscreen is pressed and pen is moving, the firt value of tuple returned by read()

2.3. touchscreen.STATUS_RELEASE

The touchscreen is released, the firt value of tuple returned by read()

3. Examples

4. Demo 1: Drawing Board

Drawing board, you can clear content with boot key

uncomment ts.calibrate() to execute calibration program

import touchscreen as ts
from machine import I2C
import lcd, image
from board import board_info
from fpioa_manager import *


fm.register(board_info.BOOT_KEY, fm.fpioa.GPIO1)
btn_clear = GPIO(GPIO.GPIO1, GPIO.IN)

i2c = I2C(I2C.I2C0, freq=400000, scl=30, sda=31)
img = image.Image()
status_last = ts.STATUS_IDLE
x_last = 0
y_last = 0
draw = False
while True:
    (status,x,y) =
    print(status, x, y)
    if draw:
        img.draw_line((x_last, y_last, x, y))
    if status_last!=status:
        if (status==ts.STATUS_PRESS or status == ts.STATUS_MOVE):
            draw = True
            draw = False
        status_last = status
    x_last = x
    y_last = y
    if btn_clear.value() == 0:
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